The Galaxy Sits On the Brink of War

The Sith Empire has returned after hundreds of years, and struck at the heart of the Republic. After a brief conflict, peace has tentatively reigned for the past five years. But old wounds heal slowly, and the Emperor of the Empire turns his eyes upon Shili, homeworld of the Togruta.

Major Themes and Threats

Theme: On the Brink

The Galaxy is teetering on the edge of war, as the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Republic begins to heat up. The planet Shili, homeworld of the Togruta, lies far from the Republic’s centers of power, and uncomfortably close to an Empire that is renewing its expansion. Governor Ahsoka is caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to preserve her people’s independence.

Threat: Whispers in the Darkness

The Imperial Secret Service has initiated a campaign to undermine Governor Ahsoka’s administration under the watchful eye of the Head of Operations.

Threat: The Domino Effect

The Empire has initiated several “diplomatic” missions to planets on the edge of Republic space, seeking to annex them with words and hidden knives, and if one falls many others could tip over as well. Their strategic value to the Empire ranges from vital to dubious, with only the powerful Sith Lord Darth Devora knowing the will of the Dark Council.

The Status Quo

Shili is currently a member of the Republic, but it sits near the edge of Empire space, and thus is a ripe target for Imperial acquisition. The Empire has discovered that some ruins from the Infinite Empire are located there, and the Dark Council has authorized investigation into such matters. Spies from both sides are converging on Shili, and tensions are very high. If the conflict on Shili should leave the shadows, it is possible it would shatter the tenuous peace that currently exists between the Empire and the Republic.

The Skywalker Files

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