Ex-Military Pilot


High Concept: Hot Shot Pilot

Trouble: Problem with Authority

Other Aspects: Good Eye for Value, Military Training, Against the Odds, Sucker for a Sob Story, Hurting the Empire is Always a Good Cause

Base Refresh: 10 (8 + 2 True Normal bonus)
Adjusted Refresh: 5


Great: Blasters, Piloting, Alertness
Good: Athletics, Control, Gearhead
Fair: Deceit, Contacts, Endurance
Average: Burglary, Presence, Empathy


Starship Pilot (-1)
-Bonus of +2 to Piloting when piloting a transport, or +1 on any other spacecraft

Cool Ship (-1)
-Owns a customized starship, regardless of resources. May declare one aspect per session that applies to the ship at no Fate point cost.

Military Resources (-1)
-Grants access to Armor: 1 and Weapon: 2 regardless of Resources.

On My Toes (-1)
-Bonus of +2 to Alertness for initiative.

I Know Just The Guy (-1)
-Bonus of +1 to Contacts when gathering information, reduce time required by 1 time increment.



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