Governor Ahsoka

Leader of the planet Shili


Governor Ahsoka is currently in a very tight spot. The Empire’s envoys have stepped up their offers to allow Togruta to join the Sith Empire, despite the clear bias against most “alien” races. Her cabinet has been grumbling about the lack of support received from the Republic. The Chairman of the Legislative Council is openly opposing her in next year’s election. To top it all off, there have been a series of mysterious accidents that have taken some of her key staff members out of action, slowing down the day to day governance of the planet considerably.

These accidents haven’t killed anyone yet, but the severity of them has certainly got the Governor worried about who might be next, and if they will survive. With more and more of the daily responsibilities piling up, she has not been able to devote any time to look into the matter. To this aim, she has quietly requested the assistance of the Republic to ferret out the potential saboteur.

Governor Ahsoka

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