Repair Droid


High Concept: Former Imperial Intelligence Droid

Trouble: Leftover Imperial Programming

Other Aspects: Programmed to Destroy, Reprogrammed to Protect, Droids are Not People, I Upgraded Myself Mistress!, Master Slicer

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Superb: Scholarship
Great: Burglary, Gearhead
Good: Investigation, Piloting
Fair: Control, Alter, Alertness
Average: Athletics, Endurance, Empathy, Deceit, Presence


Starship Mechanic (-1)
-Bonus of +2 to Gearhead when working on transports, +1 on other spacecraft.

Cool Ship (-1)
-Owns (or has access to) a starship, regardless of Resources, may declare one aspect about the ship for no Fate Point cost once per session.

Designed to Distract (-1)
-May use Gearhead instead of Deceit to make maneuvers to distract


Droid Constitution (-0)
-Droids are practically immortal unless destroyed, though they can suffer from degradation of systems if not maintained properly. Also, unless completely smashed to pieces, they can always be repaired/restored and thus may recover from any consequence with time and repairs.

Droid Construction (-1)
-Unaffected by harsh conditions, though extreme conditions (acid, lava, etc) are still a danger
-Unaffected by exposure to vacuum, gases, or mental and metabolic Force attacks
-Affected by slicing, restraining bolts, or other “droid/tech only” mental/metabolic effects

Sensors (-2)
-See in complete darkness or other vision obscuring effects (fog, mist, smoke, etc.)
-See around corners and through some barriers (not solid walls, but over fences, etc.)
-Detect energy sources



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