Jedi Padawan


High Concept: Jedi Padawan

Trouble: Fresh from the Ivory Tower

Other Aspects: The Force is my Guide, Combat Expertise, To the Rescue!, There is no Fear, Where I am Needed

Base Refresh: 8
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Superb: Weapons, Alertness
Great: Athletics, Control
Good: Alter, Endurance
Fair: Scholarship, Sense
Average: Piloting, Might


Deflection Training (-1, requires Force powers)
-May use Weapons instead of Athletics when defending against ranged attacks, +1 to defensive rolls vs. Blasters.


Force Wielder (-3)
-Ways of the Force: Telekinetics, Combat Awareness, Body Manipulation
-Affinities: +1 to Power for Telekinetics

Item of Power – Lightsaber (-1)
-Durable, may block blaster bolts without damage
-Weapon: 3 (0 vs. Force Fields)
-Allows use of Weapons instead of Might for breaking things.
-Bonus of +3 to breaking things.
-When breaking a Zone Barrier, any success will reduce the Barrier by at least 1.

Focus Items (-0, from Force Wielder)
-Forehead Gem: +1 Defensive Power for Combat Awareness
-Focusing Lens: +1 Offensive Power for Combat Awareness

Force Leap (-1)
-May move one (1) additional zone when moving as a secondary action; reduce any Zone Barriers that are leapable by 2.



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