Ithorian Bartender of the Tails Up Cantina


Rory is a quiet Ithorian and just wants to run a quiet bar. With the help of some hired Gammorian bouncers, as well as some stun blasters, to keep the peace, the Tails Up Cantina quickly became a favorite for all the local movers and shakers. The happy hour drink specials don’t hurt either, as the local brew is known across the planet for its high quality and secret recipe.

Rory spends his days either tending the bar himself, or in the back office supervising the brewing. Above all things, he values peace in his bar, though he will turn a relatively blind eye to things occurring outside his doors. Rory is VERY knowledgeable about the local happenings in the capital, and is willing to provide that information to others…for a price. As of late, he has rented a number of private suites to groups of Imperials, who prefer not to join the main crowd. This has him a bit concerned, as he has no love of the Empire. Still, their money is as good as anyone else’s, assuming they’ve converted it to Republic Credits.


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