Alderaan is one of the Core Worlds of the Republic, but after the Treaty of Coruscant the Crown Prince withdrew from the Republic in protest, as Alderaan had been the target of a vicious assault by the Empire.

This action by the crown prince unsettled the noble houses, and when he and his wife were assassinated without leaving an heir the leader of House Thul declared himself the ruler. The other houses split between supporting House Thul and supporting House Organa.

The two sides of the Civil War have become a microcosm of the struggle between the Republic and the Empire, with each seeking to advance its own cause by funneling aid to one side or the other. Neither side has openly declared they are receiving support from the two rival superpowers…yet.

One of the minor houses supporting Organa, House Celcha, has been agitating for a return to the Republic and all the subsequent military aid that entails. Their charismatic Lord Andros Celcha grows bolder as the circumstances become more dire for House Organa.


A Sign of Things To Come


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