Rules Changes

Skill Changes

Conviction → Alter
Discipline → Control
Lore → Sense
Craftsmanship → Gearhead
Guns → Blasters
Driving → Piloting

Item Changes

Enchanted Items are now divided into Force Items and Tech Items. Force Items require some variety of Force power to utilize, while Tech Items do not. Created Force Items are limited by Sense, while created Tech Items are limited by Gearhead.

Focus Items exist for Force Users, and except for the name work exactly the same way they normally do.

Everyone can start with the Weapon: 1 of their choice, regardless of Resources.

New Stunt Examples

Tech Arsenal – Grants two Tech Item slots.

Upgraded Arsenal – Bonus of+1 to Gearhead for the purposes of determining maximum Tech Item strength OR Gearhead is considered Good (+3) for the purposes of determining maximum Tech Item strength.

[Appropriate Thematic Source] Cache – Grants access to Armor: 1 and Weapon: 2 regardless of Resources.

Starship Mechanic – +2 to Gearhead when working on [ship type] or +1 on any other spacecraft

Starship Pilot – +2 to Piloting when piloting a [ship type], or +1 on any other spacecraft

Cool Ship – Owns a customized starship, regardless of resources. May declare one aspect per session that applies to the ship at no Fate point cost.

Find Weakness – Add 3 to the damage of a successful Weapons roll, once per scene, at a cost of 1 Fate Point

Slicer – You may use Scholarship instead of Burglary to defeat computer based security systems and locks.

Deflection Training (requires Inhuman Speed, Force Wielder, or Force User) – Allows use of Weapons instead of Athletics for Ranged Defense (not against Force attacks), +1 vs. Blasters

Form: IV: Ataru (requires Lightsaber and Inhuman Speed , Force Wielder, or Force User )- Reduce the penalty for taking a secondary action by 1 if that action was used for movement

Trained for Cover Fire – +1 to Blasters when placing Blocks or Maneuvers.

Power Changes

Evocation → Force Wielder
Channeling → Force User
Thaumaturgy → Force Attunement
Ritual → Force Sensitivity

Many powers could be reskinned and made appropriate for various things i.e. Breath Weapon → Force Shock for the Sith.

Elements for Evocation → Ways of the Force: Telekinetics, Combat Awareness, Mental Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Body Modification

Specialties for Thaumaturgy → Specialties: Divination, Transformation/Disruption, Creation, Telepathy, Healing, and Major Force Workings.

New Power Examples

Jedi Constitution (-0)
-The Jedi are hardy and long lived. In addition, they may recover from any consequence (except Extreme Physical ones) with little more than time.

Droid Constitution (-0)
-Droids are practically immortal unless destroyed, though they can suffer from degradation of systems if not maintained properly. Also, unless completely smashed to pieces, they can always be repaired/restored and thus may recover from any consequence with time and repairs.

Droid Construction (-1)
-Unaffected by harsh conditions, though extreme conditions (acid, lava, etc) are still a danger
-Unaffected by exposure to vacuum, gases, or mental and metabolic Force attacks
-Affected by slicing, restraining bolts, or other “droid/tech only” mental/metabolic effects

Sensors (-2) (Variant of Supernatural Senses, at the 3 sense level)
-See in complete darkness or other vision obscuring effects (fog, mist, smoke, etc.)
-See around corners and through some barriers (not solid walls, but over fences, etc.)
-Detect energy sources

Force Leap (-1, requires Force Wielder or Force User)
-May move 1 additional Zone if taking a secondary action for movement, reduce any Zone Barriers that can be circumnavigated by leaping by 2 (minimum of 0)

Rules Changes

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